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Giving New Orleans Residents Comprehensive Urological Care

Our Urology department is committed to helping our New Orleans community stay healthy. With more information available regarding health conditions, risks, and habits, patients can take a proactive approach to their vitality. For patients suffering from a urinary tract infection, potential cancer concerns, or any other concern involving their urological health, West Jefferson Medical Center offers a variety of services and treatments to help.

Services we offer

While many urological conditions will exist in both men and women—such as bladder and kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and cancer—many conditions will vary between men and women. We offer services that treat conditions specific to such differences.

Our Urology department offers treatments specific to female conditions as well as male conditions, such as:

  • Female urological treatments – For conditions where more thorough examination is required, we offer cystoscopy and ureteroscopy where a thin camera device is inserted into the urinary tract and used to find out more about any conditions that may exist there. We also perform surgeries for urinary incontinence, such as the urethral sling surgery which tightens the muscles that stop urine from leaking out
  • Male urological treatments – For men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), our surgeons are able to perform various procedures to reduce the size of the prostate through laser vaporization, microwave therapy, or CyberKnife® Therapy. We also offer the UroLift surgery to relieve pressure without tissue removal
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