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Helping New Orleans Residents Understand Their Health

Urology is a medical science dealing with the urinary system. This includes the bladder, urethra, reproductive organs, kidneys, and other related organs. At West Jefferson Medical Center, our team has decades of combined experience helping patients get the care they need for their urinary health. If you suspect you are dealing with a health issue involving your urinary system, get in touch with our department today.

Types of illnesses

While men and women share many similarities within the urinary system, there are other organs which will require specialized care depending on the condition. Our urology department treats all kinds of urology concerns.

We treat patients suffering from such urological conditions as:

  • Urinary incontinence – Leaking of urine during sleep, times of stress, coughing or sneezing, or when the bladder is full
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) – If bacteria gathers and multiplies at the opening of the urethra (where urine leaves the body), it could lead to bladder infection, kidney infection, or cystitis
  • Prostate enlargement – Gland responsible for semen production grows larger with age, resulting in difficulty urinating. It is one of the most common health concerns for older men
  • Erectile dysfunction – Inability to achieve an erection in men, possibly caused by nerve damage, muscle malfunction, any of a number of diseases, or even psychological issues
  • Kidney and bladder stones – Calcium deposits that are present in urine collect and harden inside a person’s urinary organs causing severe pain and in some cases blocking the flow of urine
  • Kidney tumors – Renal cancer can lead to the growth of tumors which can invade other parts of the body. Those at risk include people who smoke, are obese, have high blood pressure, or come in contact with dangerous chemicals

How we help patients

Our comprehensive urology team works with patients to understand their condition and the potential treatments available to help, along with the accompanying risks. By having an expert team of physicians at your side, you can make better informed decisions of how to proceed with any treatments.

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